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Albert Quay, Fowey, Cornwall

SUP hire


Stand Up Paddling [SUP] is an exciting new paddle sport, originating in Hawaii as an off-shoot of surfing. The boards are longer and wider than standard surf boards and are propelled with a paddle like a canoe. This fun activity promotes strength, balance and core fitness and is much easier than you would think.
To kick things off one of our friendly and experienced team will set you up with all kit for a safe trip, followed with a tide and safety briefing. Then set of to explore this sublime river at your leisure.

Being in one of Cornwall’s most beautiful and natural environments, there's plenty to look at whilst paddling across the water - and there is always the chance you might even be lucky enough to spot some of the local wildlife.

This activity is designed for experienced Paddlers! For independent hire you must have some experience and at least one of your group must be over eighteen years of age. Lesson's and guided experiences are available, check our SUP Tours page for details. 

With all our Hire's you can explore as much of the river Fowey as you like, but you must not go beyond the harbour limits and out to sea.

All 2023 Hire prices include the Fowey Harbour Commissioners safety register and licence fee.

Preparing yourself for stand up paddle board.

You will get wet. Wetsuit or swim gear is essential, we have wetsuits that are available to hire.

Am Hires start from 10am and must be returned by 1pm - Pm Hires start from 1pm and must be returned by 4.30pm - hire outside these time's is available on request.

SUP hire prices
Half day £30      Full day £40      Week £180

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