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Albert Quay, Fowey, Cornwall

Our ethos

Our ethos is to have as many smiling faces as possible out on the water enjoying our Cornish Hospitality.
We want everyone to have a fabulous adventure on the River Fowey. Getting as close to nature as possible. With our established, top of the range Self Drive Boats and SUP hire.
Our Tours are available for those of any age, sometimes as a confidence builder or for our guides to educate and show you the nature and best parts of the river.

For those who want to experience more of the stunning South East Cornish our sister company Cornwall Seafari can take you away on their 12 seater Commercial RIB.

We want customers to have repeated adventures. It is now easier than ever to have entire families out on the water. We want to have your grandparents in the boat, mum / dad in a kayak and the kids trying out the sups. A unique and enjoyable adventure that you will remember. 

We love the environment around us and are keen prompters to keep it that way. The Fowey Estuary is a special place and we hope that all people using it for pleasure will help us to make sure its natural beauty remains unspoilt. Come with open hearts and hands to learn about the our rich Cornish culture, its people and the native marine life and ecosystem around us.

We leave no footprint of our own, and make every effort to remove any that we come across in our journeys.

Wildlife encounters are unplanned, please remember to keep your distance and respect all the other creatures that share the water.

Kayaks, stand-up paddles and self-drive boats

"AMAZING!!!!! Fowey river hire deserves their excellent rating. This was the best kayak tour I have ever been on! My husband and I did many things during our stay in Cornwall but kayaking and paddle boarding in Fowey was the best part of our trip!!!! Our tour guide Harry was incredibly fun, professional, and showed us the best time. They provided nice, clean and tidy equipment and we stopped at a really great place for lunch. This excursion was worth every single penny and is definitely a great memory that we will never forget. You just have do this tour while in Cornwall !!!"