5 person, Tiller Steer Open Boat


Our smallest craft, a 3.6m tiller-driven boat perfect for beaching or exploring. With a 4hp or 5hp four-stroke tiller-driven pull-start engine.

 Licensed to carry 5 passengers

7 person, Tiller Steer Open Boat

Whaly 435

Our largest open boat 4.3m tiller-driven boat. With a 6hp pull start engine. Ideal for families with small children as it has high sides and plenty of seating. Perfect for day and week adventures who want to explore the tidal limits of the harbour.  

Licensed to carry 7 passengers

6 person, Wheeled Steering RIB


Our most popular boat, a rigid inflatable boat with console and steering wheel. Bench seats to sit the family in comfort. On the back is a 5hp four-stroke. This boat is easy to drive and park (berth).

Licensed to carry 6 passengers

7 person, Wheeled Steering Open Boat

Red Whaly

This 4.3m family craft has a console and steering wheel. The outboard is a 4hp four-stroke engine. This is boat is ideal for a family expedition with lots of room onboard.

Licensed to carry 7 passengers