7 person, Tiller Steer Open Boat

Large open boat at 4.3m long and 5hp tiller-driven outboard engine with a pull start. Ideal for families with small children as it has high sides and all round seating, our most popular boat for fishermen. Perfect for day and week adventures who want to explore the tidal limits of the harbour. Tiller helm and manual start is more difficult than our electric start boats that have a steering wheel. Think of it like starting a lawn mower and pushing the tiller arm ( like a rudder) in the opposite direction for control. We love the extra space onboard and classic approach to controlling the boat, but if you have not used one before it takes some practise that we will happily run you through.

Dogs welcome onboard.

Licensed to carry 7 passengers


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7 Person, 8hp Electric start with Steering wheel

Our newest and most popular boats with more arriving each year. A very easy to use more powerful electric start 8hp engine and a center console with a steering wheel, as simple to helm as it gets. Perfect for those who do not like to manually start the engine. Turn a key and your off and running. As simple to drive as an automatic car. 

A great boat for exploring the river Fowey, with enough room onboard for 7 persons.

Dogs welcome onboard.

2023 Overnight Pontoon Stays. Please find out more in boat types.

Harbour Dues for overnight berthing on shore linked pontoons - 2022 update.

For 2022 Fowey Harbour Commissioners have introduced an overnight mooring charge on all shore linked pontoons, including Albert Quay (our opertational base) & Berrils Yard in Fowey as well as the Polruan and Mixtow Pontoons. If you wish to leave our boats overnight on any of these facilities, a fee of £9 per night is payable direct to the Harbour Authority. This fee is not included in our hire rates and will not apply to half day or all day hire's when the boat is returned to us to be put to bed. You will not be charged if we  return boats to our moorings overnight if staying in Fowey. We can then return them to you the next day, however usage time's will be restricted to our opening hours.