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Albert Quay, Fowey, Cornwall

Meet the team

Our passionate team is always on hand to offer advice and expertise to ensure that you get the most out of your adventure. We are happy to advise you with your equipment selection to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable day that is tailored to your strengths and the environmental conditions.

We have been proudly offering adventure activities on The River Fowey since 1999.

Brett Daniel

aka - Boat Hire Brett

Position - Owner - Licensed to hire and guide.

Role - Everything

I have been on the water most days since i was nine years old in my first boat Mini Magic [it was mini and i thought it was magic]. I spent 14 years working for Fowey Harbour Commissioners doing everything from working on the tugs to policing the harbour by-laws on harbour patrol. I love being out on the water and truly believe that Fowey harbour is one of the most wonderful harbours in the world. From the dramatic narrow harbour entrance steeped by castles. it opens up into a boating playground that hustles and bustles during the summer months, there is always something to see and do. The true beauty of the river is that within a few short moments you can be isolated in wilderness, surrounded by nature. On a beautiful day you feel you could be anywhere in the world.

I just want share the passion I have with this area to other people and see them enjoy it. 

Brett’s Love’s - Boats, any kind.

Ben Pearce

aka - Big Ben or Captain Ben

Position - Tour Master & Rib Owner/Skipper

Main Role - To make you fall in love with this part of Cornwall.

I have over 3 decades worth of experience on this magical river and the sea area from Falmouth to Plymouth. I can tell you about the wildlife and ever changing history of this port / sea area, while guiding you through the local landmarks. 

I have been a professional boatman for 20+ years, I accomplished my British Canoe Union level 2 coach award in 2003. From 2005 i worked with the local port authority managing every aspect of river life.

In 2016 following my mantra of Variety is the spice of life I took the opportunity and followed my dream of becoming a full time Marine Professional during the summer months and a sheep farmer in the winter.
Whenever possible i continue to work with adults with learning difficulties and disabilities.
I love sailing and in particular racing yachts, in 2008 I achieved my Yacht Master offshore certificate, then helmed a yacht to a respectable top 1/3rd finish in the 2009 Fastnet race.

 In 2019 I Commercially Endorsed my Advanced Powerboat Certificate in preparation to start up our joint new business Cornwall Seafari.

Ben Loves - The Outdoors and Story Telling.

Harry Smith

aka - Partypack

Position - Licensed to hire and to tour guide.

Main Role - Making sure that you have a fabulous fun day out on the water.

One of the youngest ever to successfully pass the boat man’s license. A big team player who has been on the water from a young age and passionate about the water.

Harry Love’s - Getting wet, and he does all the time.

James Keeping

AKA - Captain Cool

James and Ben first met in September 2021, working on Bumblebee during the making of the film Into the Deep.

A firm friendship was formed. James is laid back, calm and great fun to work with. He has an extensive background both on and below the water. He is a Commercially Endorsed Advanced Powerboat Driver, having worked and played in and around our area of operation for many years.

When he's not on the water he's often found working under it as a Commercial Diver, this takes him all over the World - this year in the off season we were chatting to him whilst he was in Saudi Arabia!!

Ross Jezzard

aka - Rossco

Position - Shop man, Boat hire & Kayak King

Main Role - To make your life easier, lots easier. 

Local lad Ross has spent a lot of time on the water so knows the area well. Spent the last season running the self hire kayaks and will help you choose the right kit and get you afloat. Knows the best places to explore on the river.

Ross Love’s - Being on the Lifeboat Crew and Gig rowing. Any excuse to be on the water.

Lana Daniel

aka - Loopy Lu 

Position - Your Happy Helper

Main Role - To Make little one's feel welcome. Size you up for paddles and buoyancy aids

Lana loves anything thing to do with water, knows the best place to fish for crabs. Will happily advise you on kit selection and help you launch and recover.

Lana Really Love’s - Her Horse.

Friends of Fowey Estuary - The Cormorant

The ultimate fishermen - often spotted on the top of mooring buoys, you are almost guaranteed to say hello to one whilst on the river.

A large and conspicuous waterbird, the cormorant has an almost primitive appearance with its long neck making it appear reptilian. It is often seen standing with its wings held out to dry. Regarded by some as black, sinister and greedy, cormorants are supreme fishers which can bring them into conflict with anglers.

Friends of Fowey Estuary - The Kingfisher

We often see this magical little bird, you need your eyes peeled ready to spot. Your best chance is from a kayak or paddleboard when you can be really quiet.

These distinctive birds are often seen as a blue flash whilst hunting for fish. They're small, bright blue and orange birds of slow moving or still water

Friends of Fowey Estuary - The Heron

Herons are easy to spot with their crane like shape, commonly found wading in tidal areas. When the tide is in, we can see them resting in the tree canopy.

Herons are unmistakeable, tall, with long legs, a long beak and grey, black and white feathering. They can stand with their neck stretched out, looking for food, or hunched down with their neck bent over their chest.

Friends of Fowey Estuary - Seals

Seals are the cheeky chap’s of the river, often playing games with our kayakers. If your in the back of a double kayak they can often pop up along side of you, before disappearing into the blue again, before you have chance to tell your partner in the front.

The harbour seal, also known as the common seal, is widely found along the Cornish coastlines. We know of one resident seal that lives full time in the creeks and backwaters of the Fowey estuary.

Kayaks, stand-up paddles and self-drive boats

"We had an awesome time hiring out Kayaks and exploring the harbour - best day of our holiday!"